A Bungalow for Brendan: The last resort.


I am putting whatever little pride I have left and laying it aside for my son, Brendan Bjorn. In only a few months time, he will be getting a spinal fusion. He requires a safe, suitable bungalow for his recovery or he won’t be allowed to come home. I simply cannot let that happen.

As it is now, we live in a rental house that is over 100 years old, where he cannot even get a shower. A hoist can’t be used in his small bedroom, the shower room and the adjoining hallway as both have 90 degree angle turns from one doorway to the next. In fact, I can barely get him into his wheelchair, let alone out the front door, because of the layout of the house and the size of the rooms. His wheelchair is bigger than most and is long as well. This house simply can’t accommodate the size of his wheelchair, let alone the use of a hoist system.

Brendan is currently bedridden 22 out of 24 hours in the day due to an ongoing pressure sore issue, so it is imperative that proper hygiene be maintained. Once he undergoes the spinal fusion, showering will be even more imperative to guard against infection.  Bed baths do not provide that. He is a fully incontinent 13 year old boy, so the ability to safely, securely, get him to and from a shower room is a must. Having a 4 post Gantry overhead hoist system is required for this to happen.

Brendan deserves a suitable, safe, forever home where I can care for him properly, safely, and completely for the rest of his life. 

I’ve exhausted all other possibilities.
This is the last resort to get the required Bungalow for Brendan.

Social housing: I’ve been assured there are no suitable bungalows available in the social housing stocks, nor will one be acquired, especially not in time for Brendan’s spinal fusion operation. I have sought the assistance of TDs, county councillors, and have been in the media. There simply are no suitable houses available and the housing waiting lists are years long, as we all know.

Rebuilding Ireland home loan: I have tried since last year to have RI make an exception and approve me for their low interest home loan available to people on the local county housing lists. But, and again, I am assured that I cannot – and will not – be approved because as a full time family carer, therefore I am *unemployed without an income* and an applicant must be employed for at least 2 years and provide evidence of that income. I’ve even discussed this on national radio and in newspaper articles. I have tried to say I will take on a loan, but to no avail. It simply will not happen.

Renting: There simply are no houses on the private rental market that are disability modified to suit Brendan’s complex care needs. Even IF there was, it would be a temporary fix to a lifelong requirement. Personalised modifications tailored to Brendan’s unique needs cannot happen in a private rental house, full stop. Renting is not a realistic or suitable option, especially as his care needs have grown more profound over the last few years.

For months now, I have had a number of very caring people encourage me to do what would be a massive fundraiser to literally purchase a Bungalow for Brendan. And so, as time grows ever shorter and in fact is now at a crisis point of needing this bungalow within the next few months, I have reluctantly agreed to ask the public for help.

I am humiliated, humbled, and ashamed in so many ways, yet for my precious son, I will take those feelings upon myself. I would do anything for Brendan Bjorn, and he deserves nothing less. I know that social housing (also funded by the public) should be the option, but it just isn’t there. I am so sorry it has come to this – a public fundraiser.

With that, there has been a special account set up – an in care account for an incapacitated person – solely for donations toward purchasing a Bungalow for Brendan. 

There are 3 ways a person can donate, if they want and if they can:

1. By sending your donation as a gift via PayPal to email: bungalowforbrendan@gmail.com

2. By making a deposit via online transfer to, or in person at, any AIB branch to Brendan’s special in care account for an incapacitated person:
IBAN: IE57AIBK93137303785065
ACCOUNT: 03785065
SORT CODE: 931373

3. There is also this option of donating here via GoFundMe, but be aware that GoFundMe do take approximately 3% of each donation.

If we are blessed to be able to purchase a bungalow for Brendan, this will be our forever home – Brendan Bjorn, his younger brother Declan, and me. Declan and I will create memories in the home, with our beloved Brendan, which will last us through our lifetimes. And Brendan, who hasn’t been able to go to school this entire school year due to the pressure sore and, as such, is primarily homebound, will be able to receive the safe, appropriate and loving care that he so rightly deserves in his own home for the rest of his years ahead.

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