When you’re fed up with nearly everything, there’s nothing like a good rant.


Hold my coffee while I have a rant, please. I need to have a rant because I’m fed up with nearly everything.

The first thing is – or shall I say, was – my hair. I was attempting to grow it out again. Why? Some misguided notion that I’d be more feminine or attractive or in fashion or something if I had longer hair. But you know what? I don’t give a sh*t anymore about what anyone thinks. I like my hair short and it’s a hell of a lot easier to deal with short than when it’s long. So, today I got so fed up with it that I got a haircut…and ohhh how good it feels.

That’s the least important matter that I’m fed up with, though. 

I’m fed up with moving around in a desperate attempt to find a suitable home for Brendan Bjorn and his complex care needs. As such, I will move us one more time, and I am determined that the next house we move to will be our forever home!
Not a temporary rental house, but a truly lifelong family home. I am so inexplicably fed up waiting for governmental assistance, that I now have zero faith left that they will provide what is required for Brendan’s best care.

I have given up on that hope. So, it is up to me to sort it out.

Before you hand my coffee back to me, there are other things I’m fed up with, too…

I’m fed up with:
not being able to shower my son;
not being able to use a hoist;
not being able to go anywhere for longer than 2 hours because of his pressure sore;
not getting any in home respite nursing;
not being able to ever get out to exercise on a regular basis;
being in chronic physical pain;
not being able to go visit friends at a moment’s notice – make that, ever;
not being able to take my younger son wherever he needs/wants to go;
not receiving mental health counseling supports for myself and my younger son;
being lonely and isolated as a full time carer;
not being able to breath well since moving into our current old rental house;
not having our new GP take my concerns seriously, dismissing them with condescension;
not having a government where the Ministers actually care enough to help those in need;
and not living life to its fullest, but instead, merely existing day to day, waiting for things to get better…someday. 

Reading that list of things I’m fed up with, you probably wouldn’t be too surprised to hear that this list only scratches the surface. Oh yes, when I said I needed a good rant, I indeed meant it.

It’s healthy to have a good rant now and again. Bottling up all those frustrations isn’t good for the mind or the body, and it’s definitely not good for the soul. Sometimes, after a good rant, a person feels a bit of recharge and therefore better able to face some of the issues they face.

With that, I’ll thank you for holding my coffee while I had my rant. Seems I have just a few things to get to work sorting out, so I best get to it. And now that my hair is cut and I’ve had a good rant, I feel just that wee bit lighter. 



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