Maybe you can tell me why?


Why are family carers expected to settle for crumbs when a majority of them are working more hours per week than typically-employed people?

Why are family carers thought of as ungrateful or greedy if they believe they deserve more than 10, 15 or even 20 days off per year, even though a typical worker gets 104 days off just in weekends alone, not including holiday time, sick time or national holidays?

Why are family carers considered by some people as ‘welfare scroungers’ when in fact the skilled work many carers do is nursing-level care which saves the State literally billions of euros every year?

Why are family carers left with no chance of earning credit toward a full pension, left only to scrape by day to day, trying to keep an extraordinarily expensive household with disability costs afloat on what equates to less than a euro an hour pay for their 24/7 work?

Why are family carers constantly having to fight for basic rights for themselves, as well as for their disabled loved ones, despite those rights supposedly being protected and enshrined in various conventions or laws?

Why are family carers forced to give up their careers and be relegated to poverty on meagre social welfare payments rather than full, proper services being provided for the disabled loved one which would thus enable the family carer to continue with their career, to continue being an active part of society, and to have the full life they indeed have a right to live?

Why are family carers allowed to continue struggling while their physical and/or mental health declines to such a point they can no longer care, or maybe even worse yet, no longer care about caring for themselves or their loved one?

Why are family carers left with no options but to provide the care work, even if they reach the point of burnout and breakdown and just don’t want to do it anymore?

Why do our politicians, who could so easily see the lives of family carers and their disabled family members change with the stroke of a pen pushed simply by political will, do nothing to change our desperate situations?

Why do our fellow members of society, who march in protest together in the thousands for other causes time after time after time, fall silent when it comes to the plight of carers and the disabled, even though one day odds are they too will be one or the other, if not both at different times of their lives?

Why do advocacy organisations ask for crumbs for carers rather than asking for what carers truly deserve and in fact need?

Why does anyone think any of this is in any way acceptable?

Maybe you can tell me why no one seems to care?