A Poem: a good mother


a good mother doesn’t complain
about changing nappies
near 18 years
and counting
the boy is now a man

a good mother doesn’t mind
the chronic pain
her aging back
compressing over time

a good mother doesn’t dream
of life before
the caring
year after year, alone

a good mother doesn’t scream
but into the abyss
no one
to listen nearby

a good mother doesn’t fight
systems that destroy
life precious
ignoring pleas for help

a good mother doesn’t grieve
before her child dies
palliative now
she must only be strong
only be strong

a good mother doesn’t hope
for life after death
not her own
but her child’s
lest guilt overwhelm

a good mother doesn’t cry
in front of anyone
doors closed
for no one to see
but the reflection in the mirror

a good mother doesn’t believe
she deserves better
no support nor boost
to continue her own
once important life’s goals

a good mother doesn’t want
for more than she has
is what that would be

a good mother doesn’t need
rest, comfort or friends
to be handled by such a saint

a good mother doesn’t care
for herself
she is the image
of the ideal mother

a good mother I am not
for I complain and I mind and I dream
for I scream and I fight and I grieve
for I hope and I cry and I believe
for I need
for I care

all I do is care.

(written by Tracy McGinnis, 18 March 2022)

Brendan Bjorn

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