My family and the stuff of fairytales


Every once in awhile, you hear a story about a truly astounding act of compassion by one person for another person. It is the stuff of fairytales. It is the story you hear on the news and say to yourself, “that would never happen to me.”

Well, it did just happen to me.
It just happen to my sons.
And it just saved my family.

We have just received one of these truly rare and astounding acts of compassion by a person who shall remain unnamed.

The astoundingly generous, unbelievable act of compassion?

A private loan to cover half of the cost of the Bungalow For Brendan. 

This amazing person understands that as a full time carer to Brendan Bjorn, I cannot qualify to obtain a bank (or even government) home loan, and has just given me the opportunity – indeed, the blessing – of a lifetime by extending to me this private loan and as such, to provide a forever home to save my little family.

I sit here typing this, stunned. In shock. Tears of indescribable joy flowing. Relief and happiness swirling around with the overwhelming feeling of knowing there are truly angels who walk this earth…and I’ve just met one. I have no other words to describe how I feel as my head is still spinning, but I’m sure in the days to come I will find those words to do justice to this great act of true compassion.

So, where it leaves us now is the need to raise half the cost of the bungalow, which would be €125K. As it stands currently, there has been 25K raised, so left to urgently raise is the remaining 100K.

That’s just 5,000 people donating €20 each. I hope beyond hope that this is attainable! I do think it is, and the thought of that brings such bright promise to my family’s future and for Brendan Bjorn’s health and quite frankly, to his life.

Tomorrow we go to view a bungalow. If it is suitable, a (refundable) deposit will be put down to hold it until the rest of the funds are raised, which of course needs to be as soon as possible.

Tomorrow will be such an important day for me and my two sons.

Today, our lives have just taken a turn for the better, finally, by the grace and goodness of this unnamed person. May this person receive blessings tenfold in return, for they have just made the stuff of fairytales come true!


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  1. I.m so happy for you , I.m a firm believer in the innate goodness of people , here’s hoping and praying that your luck is about to change so you can stop worrying and just be the best mother to u.r boys so you can enjoy all the small moments of joy in each other’s lives .

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