Open letter to Simon Harris, Minister for Health


An open letter to Mr. Simon Harris, Minister of Health, and to the HSE

17 July 2016

Dear Mr. Harris,

Please let me introduce you to my son, Brendan. He is 11 years old. He has a smile that would melt the coldest of hearts. He is innocent, has a beautiful soul and teaches unconditional love. He is extraordinarily special. Let me tell you more…

  • My son has severe brain damage caused by a common virus, cytomegalovirus. This virus unknowingly attacked his brain while I carried him inside of my own body for 9 months.
  • My son cannot sit up.
  • He cannot walk or talk or roll over.
  • He cannot hold anything in his hands.
  • He is fed solely through a peg surgically placed in his stomach
  • He has uncontrolled epilepsy, including a rare form of epilepsy called LGS and is in a full time state known as SESE. I will leave you to research those yourself as Minister of Health.
  • He is deaf in one ear
  • He has lung disease
  • He has osteoporosis
  • He has severe quadriplegia cerebral palsy
  • His right hip is approximately 50% uncovered (ie:dysplasia)
  • His left hip has his femur rubbing bone to bone in the socket, causing him pain depending on how his leg is moved
  • He is on 3 seizure medications twice a day, just to try to minimise the seizures
  • He is on acid reflux medicine twice a day for chronic reflux
  • He is on a liver medication twice a day because one of the seizure medications adversely affects the liver
  • He is on a steroid inhaler medication twice a day for the lung disease
  • He is on a 5 hour round of electrolyte fluids every night to help him stay hydrated since his body only tolerates so much formula volume during the day
  • He is on an antibiotic regularly 3 times a week in attempt to give his body a fighting chance against infections
  • He is in palliative/hospice level care. My son…my first born child…will not live to see his late teens, if even to see next year.

Yet, despite all of the above, my son is on a waiting list to see his new paediatrician for the first time. You see, we moved from Kilkenny to Kildare in late February and since then he has been without any consultant care simply because we moved to another county a bit over an hour away. And Mr. Harris, despite all of the above, my son cannot even be put on a wait list to see a new neurologist regarding his seizures and medication until he first sees his new paediatrician. And yet again, despite all of the above, I cannot get a portable oxygen unit for him here at home until he sees the new paediatrician because for some asinine reason, neither the GP nor his Life Limiting Illness Nurse with the HSE can order something as basic as life-saving oxygen for a child such as him.


It has been suggested to me by members within the medical community that the next time my son Brendan has a seizure, that I take him into the hospital ED where his new paediatrician is located just so I can get him seen to earlier…hopefully. And, hopefully he will get a neurologist on his case as well. Guess what, Mr. Harris? I will be doing just that the next time he has a seizure because unlike the current health care system (HSE), I actually want to help make my son’s limited life as painless as it can be, keep him as healthy as he can be, and have him not have to struggle and suffer any more than is out of my control. Do you want to do that for him, too? Do you care?

Two weeks ago Brendan had yet another grand mal seizure. His respirations became very slow. His blood oxygen sat rate plummeted. At 3 minutes, per protocol, I administered the rescue medication into his stiff, convulsing, fragile body while I prayed this would not be the time I lose him. Thankfully, it wasn’t. Not this time. But it will be no time again before he has another major seizure, and then what? There is no oxygen to give him here. His medication levels can’t be readjusted until he sees a neurologist. He can’t see a neurologist until he sees the paediatrician and that won’t be at least until November, a wait of 9 months simply because we moved to Kildare from Kilkenny.

I do not want to hear again that “Ah well, that’s just the system in Ireland. Sure it’s a disaster but what can ya do.”  Yes, it IS a disaster, a total disaster, but hear this, Mr. Harris: I will NOT have my son’s death be from something preventable and as a result of a shameful, disaster of a health care system!

Now, what are you going to do to change this situation and the HSE as a whole? Oh, please make note of this, too: I can assure you, my son is not the only child out here suffering as a result of all that is wrong with the health system. So, what say you?


Tracy McGinnis, a dedicated mother to a child with a life-limiting condition


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8 thoughts on “Open letter to Simon Harris, Minister for Health

  1. Dermot Dooley

    I understand where you are coming from. We went for eeg 9 months ago in crumlin and our consultant has not told us the results and it’s all hear say. It’s the level of care that is holding everything up. They just don’t care. Some lovely people working in the hospital s but the decision makers are far too removed from a scenario like yourselves. Find the local politician, local papers and go on t.v.if you have too. If you can’t that’s understandable because like you I know it s hard work and you have enough to be doing looking after Brendan. Well written and let us know if you get help.

  2. Sandra byrne

    Shame on government and hse for allowing to many cheifs on big wages sitting at desks that do not know or care about what goes on at the front line.

  3. Margaret Teehan

    Well done for going public about your beautiful son. In the 21st. century it is immoral and so wrong that parents of children with life threatening illnesses have to go through so many hoops before being heard, never mind receiving help with their children. Do the powers that be really care about children with special needs, especially children with these life- threatening illnesses? People power eventually may work so the more support the better for parents and their children, not only in today’s Ireland but our future Ireland.

  4. my god my hart goes out to u i no where you are coming from for i to have a beautiful daughter with C.P.and most of your litter could b about my daughter,,,,yes as Dermot said// go to what ever no go to papers radio believe me it does work, keep shooting girl for we are there voices there eyes and legs my daughter is 26 and i am still fighting for her needs and i will as long as i have life in me,,,,,,,,

  5. Deborah Blacoe

    I hope that this wonderful letter does not get lost in the bureaucratic ‘system’ that pervades this country. I can fully understand how helpless you feel and it is an absolute disgrace that such red tape exists. I wish you nothing but the best in this endeavour.

  6. Siobhan Maher

    Speechless, Simon Harris and the government should be ASHAMED. The best of luck for you and your family, keep fighting.

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