The carer’s clipped wings


A golden eagle soared high over the canyons of red rock and the mountains with pine forests stretching to the sky, her spirit lifting in the breeze.

A parakeet with wings clipped, she battered her body against the confining walls of the cage in a desperate attempt to escape.

The cage door unlocked, she flew to the pine covered mountains and her spirit was unleashed. She caught a glimpse, or a memory, of what it was like to fly high amongst the beauty she knew once upon a time when she was free.

She was returned to her cage, the duty of being bound by wings not allowed to fly.

And now, the cage is even more confining than before, as she yearns to be free once again, to soar with wings unclipped.

Creating too much noise, the cloth was placed over the parakeet’s cage, and in the dark, surrounded by bars, she grew silent as her spirit went back to sleep, dreaming of becoming an eagle once again…

Dreaming of unclipped wings.

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