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This morning I scrolled through my Facebook memories app that shows what was posted on that day however many years ago. I haven’t spent much time on Facebook lately, preferring the less drama-filled and more politically-minded social media of Twitter. Must be the “always advocating for social justice” spirit in me. Anyway, Facebook memories…

One memory popped up on my timeline that brought me to tears this morning.

I know, I know. I’m not exactly one who hides their emotions, be they tears of joy or tears of sadness. And this must be the “bleeding heart that’s worn on my sleeve, love and peace and can’t we all just get along” spirit in me. Anyway, back to the Facebook memories…

It was something my youngest son, Declan, said when he was just after turning 4.

Declan has always been different. He possesses a truly innate compassion and other-worldly understanding of life that at times blows me away. He’s definitely an old soul if ever there was one. I had forgotten about what he said, this Facebook memory post from 2012, until this morning as I scrolled down memory lane with coffee in hand.

Then it all came flooding back to me.
That’s when the tears started to flow, both in joy for who Declan is and in sadness for the raw emotional truth surrounding what he said.

So, I just want to share this with you, those of you who read my blog and have been so kindly following my journey with my beautiful son Brendan Bjorn. I’m sharing this because, well simply put, I think it is awe inspiring and comes from such a place of unconditional love that most of the world rarely sees – or allows themselves to see.

I would wish for all of us, that we hold onto these moment, these memories, and let them touch our hearts, filling them with what can only be described as love in its purest form.

So with that, a cherished memory from 2012, courtesy of my son Declan…


2012 Declan comment from fb


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