Compassion at Christmastime…and beyond


Compassion literally translates from Latin to mean “suffering with” or “co-suffering.”

It is just 3 days until Christmas and as I read the latest news on Twitter (where you can find me most days), my heart aches at all the pain and suffering, not only here in Ireland, but across the world. Some days, it is simply too much and I can’t bear to look. But some days, like today, I dare to look…and on these days I come away wondering what happened to compassion within society. I know I’ve written about this subject before, and I regretfully say I will probably be compelled to write about it again. Not until those with no voice are heard will I stop raising mine. (There, you are now all forewarned!)

Someone on Twitter this morning replied to me on a tweet and said “That is one of the reasons you are such a powerhouse of a woman and mum…” Wow! I have to say that comment had me in tears! I’m not sure I’ve received such a compliment in a very long time. And it got me thinking, am I really all that different than other people? If so, why am I? Or better yet, why aren’t more people fighting for what is right, just, and fair? Why aren’t more people speaking up for those who cannot?

Why don’t more people have compassion?

I don’t have the answers, only thoughts on it. Too many thoughts on it for this short blog. I’m reminded yet again of my 2x great grandfather, a self-made millionaire, who used his fortune to house the tens of thousands of homeless after the great Chicago fire and to then rebuild the city. He goes down in the books of history remembered as a man of tremendous character and great compassion. In remembering him, my pride is entwined with frustration over those people with that level of wealth who don’t step up and simply do the same today. It would be so easy to do. But they don’t because they are self-centred and lack compassion. Full stop. 

Christmas is in 3 days. My precious angel Brendan Bjorn today is on day 59 of being bedridden with a pressure sore. It is healing, thankfully, and I will plan to put him in his wheelchair for a short time on Christmas morning so he can gather with our little family by the tree and enjoy watching his brother Declan open the presents. And I will remember the kindness…the compassion…so many people have showed my family this year as they gave to us so we could have a safe, reliable wheelchair accessible van and who have recently sent gifts to the boys for Christmas.

These are the people that give me the best gift of all: The gift of hope; the gift of knowing compassion still lives in the heart of many. Thank you, all of you, for these most beautiful of presents possible. 

Happy Christmas and God Jul to all of you reading these words. May your lives, your heart, and the New Year be filled with much love and compassion for all those you meet.
Blessings to you all. 


2 thoughts on “Compassion at Christmastime…and beyond

  1. You have drawn compassion from many who wouldn’t know it otherwise, thank you, Tracy. You’ve given others the gift of your words, thank you.
    You give me courage and the will to continue, thank you.
    I wish you, Brendan Bjorn and Declan a peaceful, happy Christmas (a gift I grew up without but have now) and may the New Year bring all you need, and so much more.
    For being you, thank you.

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